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Assistance for women

Women are still not on par with men in working life, and are also underrepresented as entrepreneurs. Therefore, Berlin offers a variety of special assistance for women for different areas. “Gründerinnenzentrale” is one of these offers of assistance. We offer:

  • Access to relevant information for entrepreneurs and start-ups (on the telephone, at orientation meetings, theme nights and in forums)
  • Recommendation for suitable offers of counsel and events
  • Access to practical support via others and/or self-reliant coaching (success- and competence teams, mentoring)
  • An environment where female-led enterprises can come into existence and grow (basis within the Gründerinnenzentrum WeiberWirtschaft, networking with other female founders and entrepreneurs: a regular’s table, breakfast, networking nights)

There are also other women’s projects in Berlin with offers especially suitable for the requirements of female business founders.

Most of the links lead to websites in German.

Other assistance


Bridgeover for the starting period, investments to your business

Counselling and coaching

Attendance to the founding process, capacity-check for the business plan, acquisition of entrepreneurial skills, support in trouble-shooting, consolidation of a successful self-employance