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Your first reception centre for founding your business

How we can help you

You want to become self-employed?

You want to be self-employed and are looking for advice on starting up a business? We recommend information-centres in Berlin for women wanting to get ahead in business.

You are planning to set up a business and don’t know how and where to start? The Gründerinnenzentrale, your first point of call for starting a business, will help you plan the next steps towards starting your own company and will inform you about networking possibilities – specially for women.

You have a business idea and want to hear an opinion about it? We provide you with experts who can test the feasibility of your idea.

During our opening hours (Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.) we are available to answer your questions relating to business establishment, either personally or by phone on 030-44 02 23 45 or e-mail. Where possible, you will receive from us immediately the names, addresses, and phone-numbers of information-centres, institutions and companies which can help you further. Click here to search consultation offers yourself on our website (in German).

Orientation session

In a one-to-one conversation we find out your need for advice, recommend events, seminars or consultations and provide you with information material.

Please take note: These conversations are not counseling interviews, but they offer orientation in the range of services.

To book an appointment, please call us on 030-44 02 23 45. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm.

Duration approximately 1 hour, Cost 15 €.

Individual research

Flyers, information material, websites

If you prefer to have written information, look on our list of materials which are available in our store (in German).

Brochures for download in English:
Starting a Business in Berlin
Federal Ministry of Economical Affairs: Founding a Company in Germany

English websites:
Starting a Business in Berlin (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin - CCI Berlin)
Business start-up portal (Federal Ministry of Economical Affairs)
For people coming from other countries (Employment agency)
Make it in Germany (Federal Government)

Are you looking for information or exchange with others?

Seminars, themed evenings, networking meetings

Networking for information and business exchange provided through a number of events, especially in the network meeting “Stammtisch”or “Gründerinnenfrühstück”, where entrepreneurs and start-up initiatives can meet up and exchange experience. Every first Thursday and every third Monday of any month, women can easily and casually socialize with other women entrepreneurs operating in many market sectors and meet potential partners In addition, cooperative partners inform on economic opportunities. The network meeting is free and registration is not required.

Information evenings among women entrepreneurs and women who want to become an entrepreneur provide general information on all questions for running an enterprise, who are self-employed or work as freelance, such as on accounting, management, price development etc.

Here you can find our events. (in German)

Success teams, competence teams

Success teams and competence teams which consists of 4-6 women entrepreneurs who motivate and support each other in the establishment and management of an enterprise. Regular team meeting and a clear structure help the participants to reach their own goals. The Gründerinnenzentrale initiates success and competence teams and arranges induction sessions two times a year.

Take a look at the extensive information about these events. (in German)

Are you looking for individual support?

Mentoring programme (in German)
extern counselors (in German)